High Speed Satellite Internet like you've never had before

Smart Communications are proud to be one of the few Starlink installers in the UK, helping more businesses get online and provide a faster alternative internet supply to rural and suburban areas who struggle with slow internet speeds for their business. Our team will help guide you through the right package and get  you online as soon as possible with some the latest and cutting edge technology out there. 

What is Starlink and how does does it work?

The goal of Starlink is provide fast, reliable internet connection anywhere in the world and they really mean that. Powered by Space X, Elon Musk’s brainchild, Starlink uses a constellation of LEOs – low earth orbit satellites instead of the traditional underground wired connections, via fibre optic or copper wires that most business and residential internet connections use. 

With the satellites being much closer to earth than the more well known satellites, this allows for low latency internet speeds giving you a much smoother browsing and usage experience for general internet use, video calls and streaming. Starlink is aiming to build a huge network of tablet sized satellites around the globe, consisting of 42,000 of them at a level of 300 miles above the earth’s surface, compare to other satellite internet services which orbit at 22,000 miles.

Low latency

Starlink solves the problem that’s always plagued other Satellite Internet services. Starlink achieves an impressive 20-40ms latency.

80 - 130 mbps

That’s right, with Starlink you can achieve speeds that are like a fibre connection! 

Anywhere you want

With no wires or permanent connection needed, you can take starlink with you and get online pretty much anywhere in the world

Isn't wired fibre broadband faster ?


Well yes and no, there are numerous places across the UK that fibre optic allows for speeds of up to 1gbps, which is very impressive but the reality is, that the majority of the UK still hasn’t been connected up to the network and places are still running on the older copper wire internet, which in places gives poor internet speeds, even in some urban and suburban places. Some business still have to cope with 10-20mbps internet speeds which is can cause daily issues in a world of video calls.

Still not got fibre in your area for your business?

Stop waiting and let Starlink get you connected faster instantly.

Our Starlink Package

We offer a package to suit the majority of business across the UK, small or large and can tailored to your needs and requirements, dependent on location and the size of your office. Rest assured that you will receive the upmost care from our installation and management team to get the best set up right for you.

Unlimited Data

Don’t worry about download limits with our package, we offer unlimited data all day everyday, so no pesky end of month charges for going over your data limit like other providers have.

Speeds of 80 - 130mbps

You can enjoy broadband fibre speeds without the wired connection, smart communications will guarantee a speed of 80-130mb, with a low latency connection

Fixed contract or rolling

The choice is yours – we offer rolling, 12, 24 or 36 months contracts for your package, the length of the contract you pick will change the overall monthly fee.

Smart Tech Support

Should you need it, we’ll provide tech support for the entire length of your contract, on hand to handle any hardware or connectivity issue you may have.

Starlink Hardware

With your package you’ll receive an all weather starlink antenna and high frequency router, which allows you to access the Starlink network instantly once installed.


Our engineers will install your antenna, so it is in clear range of the satellite network in order for you to get online the quickest way possible. Install is provided at an extra cost.

Think Starlink will benefit your business?

Get in touch today to arrange a call with one of our team and we can arrange a visit to propose the package and installation that is right for your business.