Business Broadband

As technology moves forward, businesses across the UK require faster speeds to deal with the daily demands on operations and there are numerous ways to get the speed you need to keep your business connected.

If you are unsure which is the best business broadband for your business, Smart Communications will talk you through the options available and advise on the most cost-effective choice that will match your business needs and speed requirements.

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ADSL Broadband

What’s the Difference Between Digital Broadband and Home Broadband? Business Digital Broadband carries data over existing copper phone lines from the exchange to your premises

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FTTC Broadband

Fibre Broadband for UK Business Superfast Fibre internet connectivity across UK FTTC – Speeds up to 80Mbps, FTTP – Speeds up to 1000Mbps   What

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FTTP Broadband

FTTP Fibre to the Premises broadband provides the fastest possible speeds available for a broadband product – using full fibre infrastructure all the way to

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Leased Lines

Ethernet Leased Lines Dedicated Ethernet. the ultimate levels of speed, resilience and support.   What is a Leased Line? Leased Lines are the top-level connectivity

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Diverse Routing

Diverse Routing Resilience Primary & Secondary routes protect your business against cable failure with an alternative route from your premise   How does Diverse Routing

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Guest Wifi - Business Broadband

Guest Wi-Fi

Seamless guest WiFi is vital for your customers to stay longer, spend more and know your business better. That’s why, here at Smart, we deliver

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