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Whatever your requirements, we can supply you with consistent, reliable and cost-effective telephone lines. We supply line rental (WRL) of PSTN and ISDN lines affordable price. If your lines are currently with BT Retail or any other service providers (BT wholesale customers), you can transfer those existing BT lines to us with ease and no loss in service.


Analogue PSTN lines

This line type is required for broadband/ADSL connections and is available in single and multi-line options. Analogue PSTN lines are a cost effective solution which provides a reliable, high quality service suitable for business phone line and internet customers.


ISDN2e lines

Each ISDN2e line has two channels, allowing two simultaneous calls on the same line. By ordering multiple ISDN2e lines you can increase the call capacity by multiples of two (e.g. four ISDN2e lines give you eight channels while five ISDN2e lines would give you ten channels etc). You can have as many direct dial in numbers as you want on the line, which means each member of staff can have their own incoming telephone number while sharing the lines available capacity.


ISDN30e lines

If 6 ISDN channels or more are required, ISDN30e is the option which is most cost-effective. Each line comes with a minimum order of 8 channels which can be increased up to a maximum of 30. Multiple ISDN30e lines can be ordered should more than 30 channels be required. Again, you can have as many direct dial in numbers as you want on a line, giving each member of staff their own incoming number. ISDN30e is especially suitable for bigger companies and those with a requirement to make high volumes of simultaneous calls, such as call centres.

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