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Call Analytics – Real-Time Business Data

We capture data from your incoming business calls to help you analyse and grow your business.


What is Call Analytics?

Our latest online Call Analytics platform gives you complete insight to your business calls from a single interface. Review the success of your marketing campaigns and staff call handling at a glance. If your business uses multiple numbers across various marketing campaigns, you can monitor which campaigns are receiving the greatest response.


How do I use Business Call Analytics?

With detailed Call Analytics, you can accurately measure the results of when customers called, their geographical location, how long the call lasted and if they called more than once. Analysing the details of your telecommunication activities allows you to gain valuable market insight, re-focus your marketing efforts, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.


Why Should I have Call Analytics?

Call Analytics supply quantifiable data on your numbers through an easy-to-use, online dashboard. Research has suggested that by giving employees access to their information and control of their own data can significantly improve morale; which equals the highest level of productivity in the workplace. Gather information quickly and never miss an opportunity!

Call Analytics - Business Voice

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