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Diverse Routing

Diverse Routing Resilience

Primary & Secondary routes protect your business against cable failure with an alternative route from your premise


How does Diverse Routing work?

Diverse Routing, or alternative routing, provides a true layer of resiliency, with a secondary data route to a back-up exchange. In the event of a fault at your main exchange or cable failure – the Diverse Routing solution provides your staff and clients with continuity without any downtime.


Does Diverse Routing require two connections?

In the event of a power cut, local exchange or cable failure, no solution rivals Diverse Routing, keeping your business in operation at all times. The main and secondary connections work hand-in-hand with monitoring checks between paths. The monitoring identifies issues, and the routing is switched from the main connection to the secondary connection at your business premise.


What is the best solution for telecoms resilience?

Diverse routing is the ultimate level of resilience, as there are multiple connectivity routes from the business premise to the exchange. The main goal with Diverse Routing is to ensure that the independent lines do not share the same path or underground ducting/cabinets.

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